Sunday, August 5, 2012

WARNING: This could be triggering. It's something I drew a while ago and if you are severely depressed please be careful. It might be sort of harsh...

I inked only part of it. I never got around to inking the words but I think it makes it easier to separate the girls from their bubbles... And by inked I just mean I traced in pen. As you notice, I thought some of the girls looked really empty and plain so they sort of ended up with tattoos. x.x Also, one of the bubbles on teh bottom got cut off because my paper didn't pit in the scanner so... Idk what it said without looking and I'm lazy so... sorry. :/
Enjoy, or something...

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  1. i love this Venus, you are so talented :) i am literally blown away <3 i love this and its so motivating.. i personally love the tattoos on them.. especially the one with ana on her back.. i wish i looked like that <3 x