Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So sick of life...

I want to be skinny-
So that when you see me, you feel my emptiness and yearn to fill it up. You yearn to help me, to save me, to carry me away from my troubles and lock me up in the highest tower in your castle. Your heart aches to hold me but there is nothing to hold. I am so tiny and fragile that you are literally afraid to breathe on me. My heart still beats, but only from pure willpower. My body loses the life I lost years ago inside me somewhere. I died so long ago, but now you can see it too. My pain is no longer just an inward feeling. I am already lost but you are desperate to save me, and why not try? You may try and save what of my body is left, but what about my heart? When you pump me full of things to make my body fuller, what will you do to fill the hole in my chest that you created? When my heart tries to stop, and my breathes are so ragged, each could be my last, and I am done trying but you make me cry anyways, who is really dying? You are. I am already gone.


  1. Take care please sweetheart. I hope you're okay and you feel better soon.

  2. <3 I don't even know how to describe how much that touched me, it was really beautiful and emcompasses so much of what I'm feeling