Saturday, August 4, 2012

So I have had-

Soup- 250
1 piece of pizza- 280
Lunchable- 270
Iced vanilla coffee- I never count these calories.
800+ calories. Still not as good as I would have liked... and it's practically still morning to me and I have to stay up all day... Sigh...

I feel like I ate a lot... Thanks, Flawed Design for the correction on my cereal the other day though. I always feel so out of control when I don't measure out how much I eat so I round high at 400 then.


  1. Chin up.. it will be ok and I know you will pull everything back around - we have to remember, new years.. <3 x

  2. You didn't eat much at all. Don't even worry. But now I want some iced coffee(I rarely count those cals too). <333