Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Okay so this time I am doing a hip bones post. Or really just bones and pretty smooth skin I guess. I am not doing well today and need something to do. I have to go in to do the testing in a few hours... :/ Nervous...
Here you go.

I want to still look smooth and soft too, like these. I don;t want the weird bumps everywhere. I like bones, not muscle. Forgive me if that makes me silly.

Need Bones

Sorry if they are repeat pics that I have posted before. I have short term memory issues or something...

There. I actually have hip issues. Not only do they hurt but when I lie down on my mattress they jab uncomfortably into it and can sometimes leave them sore in the morning. How do I have hip bones at 155??? Not that I am complaining... but I need to be tiny NOW. I can wait... as long as I am getting there.

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  1. hopefully you'll be able to see your hip bones at 155 ♥ then you can be proud of yourself.
    the goals you aim step by step, will help you top keep your work going! :D