Friday, August 31, 2012

Mean words to myself.

  1. You are fat.
  2. You are disgusting.
  3. Eating food is called living, eating too much food is called being you.
  4. Look at that thing on your stomach, Newsflash, that is your stomach.
  5. Stop eating.
  6. Why do you do this? To satisfy yourself for one moment, you are sacrificing everyone else who has to look at you.
  7. You are not skinny.
  8. You aren't even close to skinny.
  9. You aren't waging a war on fat, you are waging a war on skinny. You are losing the battle.
  10. Try harder. Do better.
  11. You will never be good enough.
  12. At this rate, you will achieve your goals never.
  13. What good is your enthusiasm if you use it to justify eating too much, and encourage eating more?
  14. When you think everything is all right and decide it is okay to eat again, the next moment something will go wrong and you will feel like absolute shit. Because not only is something wrong, but you cannot feel in control or make things better. You just became a fool.
  15. You still want to be that fat girl? DO YOU STILL WANT TO BE FAT?!?!
  16. Imagine the hottest girl walks into the room and all heads turn. Because your fat ass followed her.
  17. Imagine the hottest girl walking into the room and turning heads. Don't you want that to be you?
  18. You have thirty pounds to go before you reach your first major goal. You aren't even close.
  19. New years will come and you will still be fat.
  20. Someone will ask you to play Santa as a joke.
  21. You are a whore. Get a grip. Your mouth is one of your best features-when it's closed.
  22. Everything is flab. Everything looks awful on you right now.
Okay I am done being awful now. I can find my enthusiasm again, not that I feel like using it...

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