Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am getting confused when I try and comment lately. I think, did I already comment for her? Do I ever comment for this one? I should comment for all of them but what do I say on this one? And then I can't figure out what to say or can't figure out if I missed somebody...
So I am sorry if I haven't commented yet. I am really foggy the last few days. I'm badly dehydrated again and it makes everything so complicated. I need to drink more water...
Anyways, I am determined to make today a good day.
Now that my computer is bought and paid for, I can start saving up for other things. I was thinking about saving up and buying each piece of my dream outfit, bit by bit, as a reward for losing weight. However, I do not know how much money I will be able to save up each month and I don't know if I am moving in somewhere else or what... So, I am keeping it mind for the moment, but also winter clothes are going to be hard to find right now. If I am patient and wait a month or two or three they might start selling cold weather stuffs.
But I am going down in weight. I don't think I will weigh myself unless it is convenient. I am having period cramps so I am just waiting for the rest of it to come around.
I am determined today will be a good day. :)
I want to start collecting pictures. Out of magazines preferably but since I don't have any...
I might just go to Google images and save some on my new laptop. Dream clothes, dream body, dream vocation, dream house, dream everything. Seeing things I like and want helps me motivate myself towards a goal, or just motivate myself in general. I don't get very excited much. Getting my own laptop, the excitement is still hard in coming. I mean, I love it and it makes everything so much funner and easier but I guess H has pushed me into a kind of not feeling zone. This is becoming normal.
I want to be excited about something again... :/
Let's have a good day everyone! :D

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  1. :) Heyyyyyyyyyyyy
    I am so happy that you are looking forward and trying to keep motivated.. It isnt an easy feat to achieve and I know how hard it is sometimes finding that silver lining to those big clouds, cos I find it hard too, but I am so pleased you are keeping at it, it seems like you are having a somewhat optimistic day and as all I am seeing is desolation today I thank you for reminding me that silver linings arent always obvious and sometimes we have to rationalise and open our eyes a little wider to see them..

    Sorry if I dont make sense..
    Your period still hasnt come to huh, this is getting tedious and I am tired of being a grouchy emotional beast :( I just want to get it over and done but mother nature is taking her sweet merry time about it.

    I hope your cramps stop soon! Sending you a big old hug! Love you! <3 x