Friday, August 3, 2012

Have you ever had a song so stuck in your head that you dream it? It was stuck on my tongue the second I woke up and obviously before then. It's ridiculous. I haven't been happy enough to hum in a long time... And now I can't stop...
I slept for like... 24 hours. I have the flu or something so I have been sick on my period, which I have to say is a hell I haven't experienced before... But I am still in a ridiculously good mood. Ah I just realized how much I say that word. Ridiculous.
And I still can't even spell it right. I have to use spell check every time haha.
I have to go in no matter what and check my schedule and somehow find out where to get a new bus pass. Not looking forward to that but oh well.
One of my good friends got a job that has 40 hours. He got $5 tips on his first day and gets paid every Friday  LUCKY!
I envy him... And yet he lives so far away it's not even fair!
I woke up and was 151.7 pounds. Yay!
I don't mind being sick when it helps me lose weight. I just hate being sick and having to work. :/
I hope I don't have to work this Sunday, or if I do, I hope I am better by then.

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  1. oh <3 hug, periods are crap - periods and illness = double crap. i hope you get better soon :(
    i am glad youre happy though :) its good to know <3 xx