Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dream winter outfit right here. I have been imagining this for a while for some reason...

Thick white tights with snowflakes on them.

Then a shorter black skirt with netting under it to keep it up.

Then some kind of red sweater or jacket over that.

Or more like this-

Hat with braid thingies.

Boots with either puff balls-

Or lacing on the side-

It will never happen with the amount of money I have but... Thus the dreaming part.


  1. the white tights are soo adorable..even i want that :! , nd that braided cap..i have one like that,Tibetan nd somewhat hippy kind of..nd hey someday u'l have all of these nd more.. :)

  2. My dream outfit is quite similar.
    I'm glad you're back. <3

  3. :O!! ME like!

    I love thick comfy dresses with warm winter tights. Cuddling up in a big coat with a scarf tucked up to your nose. ...thought to be honest at the moment I am enjoying the rare sunshine in the UK :P!

    Those cream boots are yummy...