Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ugh. I did my online application for a food card, hoping to not have to actually go down to the stupid place, then I did my phone interview only to be told by Consuela from family guy, "No get food card without pay stub. Actually, ask boss write you statement of hours per week and pay. We no give food card off only one pay stub. You bring it down here and once is processed, then we give you food card."
I know I am not brave enough to walk up to my boss and ask for that because she will ask why I want it and then she will say I need to wait until my next paycheck, because again- hours depend on you. The harder you work, the more hours you get. I suck at working while I'm at it. I can't do anything right.

And as a note on my earlier post, raise your eyebrows all you want. When you are constantly belittled and put down by a guy who not only has the right to say what he wants in his house, but has power over you just by having the brute force of a man, and you are so far out of control that he might as well be holding a whip in his hand and calling you slave girl... when a man plays the dominant role too long... and a woman gets a chance to take his most prized possession in her hands and lay him down to her will, there is nothing else that feels better than holding the bull end of the horn and saying what's what, because as long as you have control, he has NONE. He must smile and play nice because in order to get what he wants, he has to lay down his pride and- screw it. LOL do a blowjob or handjob yourself and you might understand. Thus, why there is a warning adult content beyond here HAHAHA. Wow, I am starting to feel the worthless whore part... Oh well...

The lady from the food card place just called me back. Apparently some guy, probably one of the managers from work confirmed my pay and so I can go and pick up my food card tomorrow morning and get $280 this months, which will count as $80 for this month and $200 for each month afterwords, for six months I believe. I get this month and next month's allowance on the card when I pick it up tomorrow, and then I get another $200 in September starting at $200 monthly if that makes sense. Now I just have to see if I can get someone to take me...
It was probably that one guy who is probably married and way too old for me but oh so adorable... Maybe not married... but probably has a girlfriend of two years or something... Eh it could have been the other manager- the blond douche bag whose tour of the back was, "This is the kitchen. Tour over." Lol but he did help me on sandwiches the other day.
Which reminds me. Friday is the busiest day and if they want me on sandwich station then they ARE SO FUCKED and so am I but jeez... brutal work...

I wish I could sleep but I doubt I will have time. I will more than likely crash near H when I get back, wanting to spend time near him and falling asleep and I only hope he will at least pet me before I conk out for a day. Even better, I hope I fall asleep on the bed so H's dad will let me have it for the night and K will have to sleep on the couch or floor for once the spoiled brat...On the bright side, I hope I am under 150 lbs again... did I mention I hit 149.7 yesterday? Idk if I did...

I am so off my rocker right now... wait that's for old people...

Oh god work x.x


  1. hey..thanx for ur comment on my blog :) ..its really comforting to find a new buddy on this tiresome(at times) and long journey..Tc

  2. Yay, good job with the weight. And NO to feeling like worthless whore... I have felt the same, I know the feeling all to well. You live you life and try your hardest to be happy or feel the control you need or whatever. Fuck judgement. And that being said, I hope you are always safe and that it goes well with your boss, sweetheart. <33

  3. L O L I felt how that paragraph was intended for me hahaha it made me giggle a bit :) but I am childish like that.. I joke I joke, silly, you are not a worthless whore.. silly. Like Lady Jane said, doe whatever you need to do to be ok and I have felt that power before too.. women are very powerful when they harness that power.. dont you mean er, take the bull by the erm.. penis? LOL haha LOVE YOU VENUS YAY YOU ARE IN THE 150s GIRL - LETS CELEBRATE! CELERY ALL ROUND! <3 X