Thursday, July 26, 2012

So, earlier I decided to call work to see what my schedule was. The boss lady got very angry with me and starting yelling about how I'm not supposed to call and check my work schedule because if someone gives it to me wrong it's my fault and my responsibility, and then she went on about how it wasted people's times. She didn't mention what she wanted me to do instead, but she said I was not allowed to do it again.
So wtf???
Does she want me to go all the way to work on Thursdays to check what days I work??? Does she want me to show up in whatever outfit and walk into the back to check it with my own two eyes???
I can't just walk into the work place without work wear on, but I don't work that day so what's the point? Am I supposed to ask the front desk person to check my schedule? That wastes people's time too. Another employee told me it was okay to call and check my schedule if I don't work that day. She said she does it...
So what's going on here???
I did not know what day I even work next so it was impossible to just check the next time I went in to work. So I panicked a bit. Now I am even wondering what to do about my paycheck. Am I supposed to go in tomorrow on another day I don't work to get it? Or is it okay to wait until Sunday when I work next???
I had just finished binge eating when I called so I stressed out, and binge ate more. I haven't been pushed to an anxiety attack for a few weeks and I hate that this woman, if you should even call her that, can stress me out so much that I panic. I hate that she talks down to me in such a disrespectful tone.
I really honestly don't know what to do. I asked H but he didn't have any suggestions so now I feel sick not knowing what to do. Most places post work schedules online. This place does not.
I want a fucking set schedule. I hate working on any day they tell me to the week before. I can't make doctor's appointments or make plans with friends. I have been working three days a week, but never on the same days. I have worked at least once on every fucking day for the week. This job sucks. But I have to put up with it...
I want to die. This is miserable...

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