Friday, July 6, 2012

My mom is still going through with that adoption, but that means if I move in, because I am 18 the FBI has to check me out and clear me before it can go through. So either stay in this shit hole or face FBI investigations. I am still sure I would not be allowed to move in for a period of time. Sigh...
I don't feel safe now. This is crazy.

Also H wants me to walk all the way to the fucking store to get him a fucking lean pocket. Sigh x.x


  1. ...what's a lean pocket? :X xXx ...and tell him to use his own legs :P!

  2. tell him to whistle for his lean pocket - whatever the hell a lean pocket is :\

    what kid is your mum adopting.. wtf.. Yeh I think it would just be a background check - like whether you have criminal offences, are a pedophile - that type of thing.. and your not so dont worry! xx

  3. wow that guy doesnt have the right to order u around like that! honestly i think its better to just face the fbi investigations, i mean its still better than staying where u r right now right? like rayya said, its probably going to be just a background check. all the best<3