Friday, July 27, 2012

Hey, I saw a pic of nail polish and totally thought I should make a post, especially as Rayya loves them so much. (Love you Rayya!!!)
These are the crayola scented ones I bought a while ago.

I have only tried the green and the orange but omg the orange smells wonderful!!! I can't wear nail polish now because my job won't allow it. :(

Knowing little about nail polish brands, my favorite is actually Pure ice nail polish. I have something with ice and the sparkles are sooo nice.

Pure Ice does many colors but I am finding I am a huge fan of nail polish in cool blues.

I just realized how to do this lol. I love it!

I have always been in love with this magical ocean like color. I just can't get enough of it...

Oh jeez I need a new job so I can get nail polish for myself for the first time in years and be able to actually wear it... I can still buy them though hehe... No, Venus, save up for computer first... >.<
They aren't that expensive Venus...

There is just something about a good cool red... Anyone who knows about color, should know what I mean. I am not a fan of warm reds, but cool reds like this? Sigh...

Only one more so I don't get carried away... If I could binge on nail polish my food card would be so empty right now...

All done- for now.


    And wow.. I have heard of Pure Ice but I have never seen pure ice colours like this before.. I am so in lust for these.. Now I must stop myself searching for pure ice swatches.. haha <3 What are you doing to me woman??!?? You know I have too many nail varnishes on my wishlist and why are you adding more?!?!

    BTW those crayola nail varnishes look super cute and not childish at all.. the colours are actually really nice - I think you should paint your nails and show us..

    I am thinking of getting a US forwarding address so I can get US only nail varnishes which dont ship to the UK.. I am so obsessed I need help. LOL I just got my credit card today and I have hidden it under a pile of books to stop myself using it..

    Venus! I love you..! <3 You know just how to make my day! I am glad you are liking Nail varnish too now.. This makes me so happy I couldnt be more proud of you as I am now! LOL but no, be good save for your laptop! <3

    Love you! x

  2. nail polish!! love it. so much. <3 no. wait. this deserves a waffle heart. <#

    i didn't even know they made crayola nail polish! but i like it. and i've seen crackle nail polish before, but all the colors they have at the store near me are boring.

    anywho, blogger's being stupid. but i'm gonna follow as soon as i can. <3 yay! :)

  3. I want the purple grape one on the top. They're all so yummy looking. <333

  4. Ah those are all so beautiful. I could easily spend all my money on nail varnish, and not even regret it.
    The crayola ones look amazing, my friend had some scented nail varnishes which she lent to me a while ago, those few days I wore it was magical, haha.
    This post has really cheered me up. I don't have work for another 5 days now, I'm definitely going to paint my nails now.