Sunday, July 1, 2012

H is going to treat me like shit for another few days at least, weeks maybe. I asked him if I could get back on the computer because today is my day off and I have a bed time so I can't just wait until he gets off. Then maybe I added a "smart ass" remark, like, "I'm sorry that I am asking you to be considerate" or something like that. Now he's pissed. He was mad that I asked him to get off anyways. Now I feel sick because if I have to put up with another few weeks of being completely ignored and him being angry with me and treating me like I am a worthless piece of shit... sigh. My heart is sinking and it's smashing in the pit of my stomach. Nothing seems fun all of a sudden and I just want to be away from here. I want to be done with everything. NOW I am starting to panic.

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