Thursday, July 26, 2012

H decided to go to R's tomorrow which I really don't mind either way because I don't know what to think now, but he said he would be back after gaming on Saturday which is somewhat believable. Also I have seen R's apartment and I know how disgusting it is, and know H won't be enjoying that at all as he has made it clear. The bathroom has toilet paper and waste on the floor, hair all over the sink and the mirror and the cat litter int here needs cleaned... The kitchen has molding, rotting food everywhere and no clean dishes, food half opened and left spilled all over the stove and the floor... The living room has trash everywhere and pizza crusts and it smells like a sewer in that apartment.
He actually offered to go there to see if R has stolen my mp3. He said he could make it "disappear".
The funny thing is, R would probably post on Facebook that someone stole his "new" mp3 player. If he did, I would just post "weird, someone stole mine too... Maybe there is an mp3 thief around..."
Idk if he really did steal it or not though. I hope he didn't in a way because that would mean I would have to hold down a lot of anger and revulsion at him. As long as I live here, it is best if I stay nice and unassuming or my things could go missing or mysteriously break, and rumors could spread... more than they already do thanks to R...
On the other hand, I do hope he took it because otherwise it got stolen by someone else and I will never get it back. Or it is seriously missing in this apartment, and judging by how hard I have been searching for it... I'm screwed.
I just know that the last time I saw it was when I put it down after my bike ride when R was here last. And H said that R was complaining about his mp3 dying or something. Sigh. If R took it, all my music was wiped and my new headphones are gone. Not cool.
I thought H was over me and then I found out different and I'm not sure where to go from there. Also he has been nicer than ever the last few days, in a way that scares me. Nothing can or will happen until either he gets a job or we get out or both.
To be honest, the most logical candidate for a roommate is actually H. This is because I know he won't invite friends or other untrustworthy people over, he respects my privacy more than anyone I know, and he does not steal things. Also, it would be my apartment, my rules. But first I have to get another job...
Gah my life...

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  1. euw that apartment.. :\ disgusting..
    hope you get it back either way.. damn that R... lol x