Thursday, July 5, 2012

156 pounds.
That's how bad my binge was yesterday. Then to top that off, I cried in front of H again. NOT COOL.
So now I am going without breakfast. I am not good enough to eat. If I were skinny, perhaps I would gain back that privilege. I did a drawing last night that I will be posting eventually. It isn't done yet but it does look good so far...
My drawings usually don't turn out this well...
I need to be that person so perfect that she doesn't want, need, or crave food any longer. Someone offers her something to eat and she turns it down, no need for excuses because she is skinny enough no one cares...

1 comment:

  1. :) HEY! I miss you in my life <3
    I binged yesterday too I couldnt face the scales this morning though.. maybe if I did I wouldnt have just eaten that chocolate bar I just had.. :\ Dont worry you will be back down again in no time.
    I wish I was skinny too, when I was skinny I would turn down food all the time, so easily so I know what you mean <3 Love you!!
    Hope you feel better soon cant wait to see the drawing :) x