Saturday, June 23, 2012

This is actually my 300th post.
I was just wondering why exactly pro-ana evolved into an online community instead of something else. Has it never occurred to anyone else to meet up with other pro-ana's in their area. Has anyone else ever met another pro-ana girl face to face? perhaps it's best that way.
But I mean, how weird would it be to start up secret pro-ana communities/clubs in your own hometowns? Smaller girls could volunteer to create special thinspo videos or pictures (voluntary being the key word), and larger girls could see what they could become.
I guess that would blow up though wouldn't it? Smaller girls accusing bigger ones of being wannabe's and bigger ones feeling like shit over the little ones... I don't know. I think if one had the right combination of girls who were willing to work together as a TEAM, it could be something very helpful. More like a network almost. So, suppose, one girl was in need of some time with a friend, and another girl in the network did too, you get time with someone who understands you, and you don't have to hide anything from these friends because they understand. That was just an example. It's neat in theory but who knows, because it would never happen, would it? Would anyone else want to be in a group like this in theory?
I guess it depends on how far in you are. Perhaps it will drive it home to the lot of us what our friends and family are losing by us being this way, because we would then have friends like that too. Perhaps it would push those of us who need to, to recover... Very few ana girls don't know what is happening to them, and then don't know that it isn't exactly a positive thing. We twist it in our heads, but somewhere in us we know. Or maybe it's just me?
I haven't eaten since my cereal binge this morning. I'm doing good.

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  1. A couple of the girls in this ED chat I go to, are meeting up today... I wonder how it's going.

    It's hard to get close to people that are self destructing. It's one thing to see it through a blog, but another to see it in person. I married someone that I met in an SI chatroom, we both have EDs and saw each other through recovery, but when one of us relapses, like now, the other gets triggered into relapsing too. It's hell, tbh.

    Maybe it would help to show each other how much we put our loved ones through, even though we know it, it's different to *feel* what they feel. It makes you think about recovery in a whole new light... but, for me, it's *always* there somewhere, threatening to come back, because of a thoughtless comment or a snide remark. Does it every really go away? Does one ever really *fully* recover? I lived in fear of relapsing, so much so, that it was a *relief* to finally relapse :s

    So, yeah... in theory, it might be a good idea. But, I see things blowing up in more than just one way. Maybe if they were kept to people who have actually been diagnosed with an ED, then no one could accuse anyone of being a 'wanna'. But, there's other things, we are a volatile bunch. If you guide someone into recovery, you're eventually gonna get accused of trying to make them fat.. especially if you relapse. I'm not sure if I'm making sense, so I'm gonna end this here!