Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shame on me. I realized you can't get change on the bus and I need enough for two bus passes so I went to the mini mart and got six pieces of candy so I could get change for a five. My change got me at least three more quarters and three one dollar bills so I can use the extra three quarters in my purse and get at least three bus passes out of that. Please shoot me. I won't be throwing away the candy. They are low or no fat content and a small amount of calories each I think and I will save some for tomorrow. Also, when I went in for my interview today the lady offered me a free soda and I only asked for water after she persisted. I may end up being pressured into eating food there because I believe free food is considered a perk for this job and so I will just have to get what I am comfortable with and make that all I eat for the day when I do. I usually take fries over a burger when I go out to eat and that is a plus. With all the walking to and from I will be doing- or biking- I should burn enough calories to be okay.
Now that it is getting closer to bed time I am getting increasingly nervous and so I might take another anxiety pill before bed so I don't wake up panicked. Orientation is several hours and I hope I don't bug them by asking too many questions because with ADD it is hard to listen and be attentive for hours and do well. Hopefully the anxious part of me will make me more attentive than if I were in a situation like school where I am comfortable by day two or three. I know I will do find once I am used to it after a few days, but until then I am nervous as hell and will probably be taking the anxiety med before bed.
Thanks for the tips Emma Phoenix and Rayya. I do have trouble getting past my anxiety to smile but I did that surprisingly well today. I have no face piercings, my hair is just long enough to get into a ponytail even though I have to use bobby pins to keep it up. I usually don't wear more make up than a little gray eye shadow, eyeliner on the top lash and mascara. I feel safe now lol. Love you girls so much right now!

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