Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh wait, a new follower! Hi Alina and welcome.
And thanks you all my followers for erm... following me ;)
So two girls I wanna punch in the face with my weight loss- H's friend who was a total bitch to me and is size 3, and his sister, who may or may not be catching up if not passing me.
These two shall be two and three. Because first I have to beat myself (I am always number one!) then K, who is right around where I am, and then I have to conquer miss size 3. She is number three. I may have come up with letters or something for those two before, but... that's what they are. K will stay as K maybe, but the other girl? She can be number 3.
What's funny is, H admitted that the only reason her husband isn't broke is because of her. In other words, she has to babysit her own husband or he would be in big trouble. She married a complete loser. When I was over there that one time, her husband kept saying how he should get off his game to entertain the guests but he also said he couldn't get himself to do it. Remind you of H much? Makes me laugh almost...

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