Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I picked up some new followers since I last got on I think, but I must be following all of them because I recognise all of the names and can't figure out who was already on the list... fail.
I'm posting at the library and K is here with me. We are being friends for the time being.
So H has been at R's for the past few days. He said he would be back yesterday but you know the drill. He says he might come back tonight... which probably means he won't. Since the campout is this weekend and he has to watch R's cats and gets paid for it, and I have to watch my fish which I don't get paid for, I probably won't see him this weekend either. He won't even want me to visit. I don't really care though.
One would think that I would go nuts with nothing to do and get bored and binge like crazy, but I have been doing strangely well actually.
Yesterday I tried to keep it all liquids, and only ate two snack cakes and a few small handfulls of cereal. I had lots of soda but yesterday I weighed in at 155.2 lbs. and then this morning I weighed in at 153.2 lbs. yayness!
I might be jinxing it and end up binge eating later, but I hope not. I have only had some more cereal this morning to keep from feeling sick, and had some more soda and part of my chocolate protein drink. Of course, I accidentally forgot I had it out and the rest went bad. Also, an entire giant loaf of bread was white with mold and I got to throw that away too, which makes me feel guilty because my mom bought it for me. She was being nice and I just wasted it.
I know as soon as H gets back my eating will be awful, but I am hoping to be able to go to bed before he wakes up, and hopefully weigh in a little smaller in the morning. Then, if I have to eat I will at least TRY and maintain what I have lost. I would hate myself if I just gave in to everything and gained it all back. Maybe H just shouldn't come back...
I found out on my phone I can get to my emails, and I can also read all of your blogs on my phone, so no worries, I just can't comment. My phone will not let me post or comment.
Love you all, I hope you are all doing well. I would love it if anyone else wanted to join in with my goal for New Years. It may be far away but if I can't lose weight by then, I had plenty of room for error so no excuses.

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  1. <3 heyy :) friends with the enemy I see ;) lol yay thats amazing how you lost like 2 pounds, you are inspiring me to try and do the same! I want to lose weight by new years too! something to look forward to right? keep up the good work, hopefully you will be able to maintain.. much love <3 xxx