Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hey guys, I just remembered I am getting my own food card this time. The one I share with H is about to run out. It should last me six months, refilling on about the third of every month. I have decided not to buy any food all at once like most people. I will walk down to the store if I want anything, and whatever I buy I have to be able to carry back. Hopefully that will help me eat less. I will try and go and get just a few pieces of fruit or something when I am hungry. Then I can spend all my money on drinks so I can fast again. I am just afraid H will get angry at me when he sees I am doing this. If I have food available at the house, he will not be angry, but he will if I don't. I am hoping I can just say, "I'm hungry, I'm going to the store" and come back and say I ate what I had and have the fruit. He shouldn't be too suspicious if i get lots of soda. It will encourage him to think because soda is bad that I am eating enough... until he sees the weight disappearing... I'm afraid he will-
Holy shit he just came back! Oh I think his dad brought him... no surprise there. He has lazy friends I guess. And he's limping. Fuck. I don't want to deal with this still...


  1. yea that sounds like a pretty good idea! hope it works well for u! & thanks for the follow btw:)

  2. Lol he is such a baby - sounds like a good plan batman! <3