Monday, June 11, 2012

Ah, new followers... welcome!
I will not have access to internet for a week, maybe two and so if I want to post I will have to come here to the library. Nothing better with H. No news on the interview. My tremor is really bad today.
I don't know if any of you know about my tremor but when I have had even slight physical exhersion my hands shake like crazy. In fact, they always shake, just worse when I'm tired. I could hardly drink from my bottle without getting soda everywhere and slamming it against my teeth. It's hot... All I have eaten lately is little debbie treats and chips and my usual drinks. Had a panic attack last night, sorta numb but I have to keep trying for my life to work...
Thank you all for the support. I will try to check in again sometime this week but I can't make any promises. Love you all! I will catch up on all your blogs when we get enternet back so I have privacy and no ninety minute time limit. Now I probably only have an hour left...

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  1. Oh <3. I shall miss you in that week or two :( I hope things chin up for you - Miss you too :( xxxx