Friday, May 4, 2012

There was once a book I wrote... When I was sixteen. I don't know what made me start but the summer before I turned 17 I just started the story and finished it within a month, and it's longer than the first Harry Potter book at least. I am considering putting it online for you girls, whether on this blog or a connected one. My heart wasn't in the story I was writing for you guys because the character just wasn't me. It didn't carry any charm or any magic. This story did.
In fact, the name Venus Jacqin originally belonged to the main character. Looking back, I wrote her life sort of parallel to mine, and you can detect early on that she has an eating disorder. I never really thought about it until it fully emerged in my life.
I am thinking of starting the story up again. I have two books written about her, the first is pretty good, but my sister tells me the second is better. And the story progressed into a third when all the stuff with H broke my heart and and I got writer's block. The book has an ending half way through that is awful. I probably won't change it, but I will start off from where it left off in an interesting way. I have thought about this for months. The story became a very important part of who I was to myself. It can be really scary actually how connected I am to this book, that it became my most prized possession. It was a work that I treasured like it was an actual person, like it had a life of it's own.
I am a sort of dark person at times, and my life gets twisted and awful and I end up sinking into weird habits, and this was my world back then. I didn't believe in it per say but I did live in it.
If anyone is interested in reading it, I might put up a page or two, and if it is successful, I will give you guys more. I was going to publish at some point, but I would prefer to use something that personal in a place and environment like this one.

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  1. i would love to read.. I am amazed at this, it takes a lot to write a whole book! xxx