Saturday, May 5, 2012

So my friend suddenly texts me that he's coming to pick me up and asks if I'm up and walking around...
So I'm like shit. I didn't know we were hanging out today. And he says I was supposed to come over to have lunch at his house so his parents would learn to like me. I remember this conversation but I must have zoned out in the plan making part or forgot or something. I don't remember making any plans in cement. I always remember stuff like that because I think about plans days in advance and I am super overly OCD about it. How did I forget???
Even worse I had gluten earlier and too much food and my stomach feels like it is being punched. It's worse than cramps but part of it might be cramps. Oh god today is going to be awful. I already feel disgusting as hell. how am I supposed to do this?!
I don't even have a way to dress up and be nice. I have no effing hair brush!!!
I look like crap. Someone shoot me. PLEASE.
I hate his parents and I hate eating but I'm going to have to shove down everything on my plate and eat whatever they are serving. FUCK FUCK FUCKETY FUCK FUDGECICLES.
Why me?

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  1. oh poor you :( ps I am worried about you posting your book on here I would hate for someone to steal your ideas or your work so please be careful.

    PPS. I hope I dont sound patronising just looking out for you, sorry if it comes across patronising! you know I mean well..

    lots of love xxx