Wednesday, May 9, 2012

R has started playing happy pets too. It takes all the fun out of playing. Not only do I just not want to think about R because of the way he is treating me, but he will actually spend the money to get Facebook credits, something I can't do, and he will automatically try and beat my level. It's no fun when someone else makes it competitive. I don't know if I will keep playing...
That was pretty much the only thing I had to occupy my time. Now I have to pick up and find something else. Why do the men in my life always strive to do everything better than me? My brother does it too and that's why I stopped playing Runescape. I was still higher level than him but after he got a member's account- which helps you level up pretty fast, the only thing he could ask was what level I was overall. I gave him a fake number to make him leave me alone. I used to love that game and now it holds no joy for me.
I think there are very few things I actually enjoy anymore.
R is already level 7 and he started last night. He is fully enjoying the game. Good for him. I am tired of all this. My entire day just crashed again. It's a good thing I haven't eaten- yet. I think I am going to finish my chocolate protein drink or something...

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