Monday, May 21, 2012

***Pussycat Dolls***

For some reason all these girls look fat to me... Their midsections might be okay, but look at all those fat thighs... The lead singer- second from the right- looks pretty good though.

I have read that she weights about 125 pounds or around in there...

That's her.


Nicole Scherzinger from the pussycat dolls.


  1. I love her she is so gorgeous and has an amazing body and cheek bones *I wish* I looked like her! xxx

  2. Fat?? They have *amazing* bodies! I'd kill to look like any one of them too =/

    I've posted on your blog before, I finally got a blogger account, coz xanga wasn't for me... skeletalxwhisperings over there =)

    Ashen x