Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poison. Food is poison. It fills me like toxic waves of tar. What should nourish me, kills me from the inside out. I need the strength, the power, the ability to move on, move forward, move inward. No more fat, no more pain, only hunger can fix me.
The emptiness will fill me up. What others cannot give me, I will give myself and revel in it. I am not missing anything but control, and as soon as I catch up to that, I will have everything. Accomplished is what I will be. When the pounds of fat roll off of my body and you look in my eyes and see only mystery, you will follow me. You will need to know who I am, what I am. You will want to be me. You will want some of my power, but will not know where to find it. I will be unstoppable. I will be unbeatable. I will be the very best there is.
I will be skinny. I will be more than that. I will be a ghost, a wraith. I will be so small you will not be able to grasp me. I will be above and beyond. I will beat my own expectations.

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  1. This is so motivating, I love it and love your words.

    I hope you're ok xxx