Sunday, May 6, 2012

My friend yesterday didn't contribute anything to me gaining five pounds. I am pretty sure that was all me. I was clear with him that I have eating issues, but he said he didn't know how to treat someone with an eating disorder because he had never known anyone who had one. So he indulged it. When I didn't want to eat he didn't make me and felt nothing bad about it. All I ate there was some apple slices he shared with me, and a salad with spinach and nuts and a few other things. It couldn't have been too high calorie... oh actually I hear nuts are high in calories...
He also bought me some hair dyes. I picked out two. One was more of an ash blond to take out the orange shades in my hair, and the other was just a lighter blond. I don't want to be a redhead or whatever I am now. I want to be blond. It will also help with my roots. Hopefully it helps but right now I do not feel comfortable dying my hair in the house. Perhaps I will wait until H and his dad are gone. Today is one of dad's days off. Maybe he works tomorrow? I'm not sure.

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  1. Hey :) I was gonna ask how that went, that was nice of him getting you dye, some people are sweet arent they? I hope the hair dye-ing goes well I have never dyed mine it changes colour by itself lol But I am always intrigued by people dye-ing their hair I love all the colours but I am too lame to do anything to my own *Im a loser I know*

    Lots and lots of love! xxxxx