Saturday, May 5, 2012

Miss Mad your comment almost made me laugh out loud with joy. I have never had that kind of praise before. It has always been my dream to become a writer but no one ever helped me pursue it. My parents looked at my drawings and told me they were good and that I should go to college for it, but when my dreams were elsewhere they never listened.
For that reason I have resented my drawing ability. It is too easy for my family to take one glance at my drawings and judge it to be good, while what I really want to do takes too much time and effort for them to take some interest in my dreams. My sisters have read parts of my books, one of my sisters has read both of the books I wrote and certain parts had her crying which I think is sweet. She is so kind-hearted. But either way my sisters have praised my writings. My parents, not so much. My dad has never read anything I ever wrote, while my mom at least read bits of another story. I give her credit for doing more than my dad. He still wants me to pursue art.
To be honest, H has actually read both the first and second books, I believe, and he loved them too. He read them back when we first started going out and he really liked it. For him to be a guy and like it means one thing, especially because it is romantically based.
But no one has ever really praised it very much besides my sisters. They will love it when they read it but after a bit if I ask them if they want to read the next part, they would all rather do something else. I guess I have to give credit to my one sister though, the one who cried over my book. She was in fifth grade and there was a boy who wrote her very sweet notes, love notes essentially. They were "just friend" but I could tell she loved him. He moved away and because my sister wasn't allowed to have email or call boys she never heard from him again. She was heartbroken. So she really related to the story because it is about love.
Fifth grade is obviously too young to fall in love, but I know she knows what it is and how it feels. Young love... sigh...
Anyways, I went off on a tangent there...
Love you Miss Mad and thank you!


  1. Thats okay :) I am so enthused about this you should definitely pursue both! because you love it not because anyone else, and my sisters would never be bothered about such things they dont even read! LOL I love you Venus you absolute star. I wish I was a publisher cos I would snap this up and make you rich! x

  2. Thinking of it most of my lecturers have written books.. and they are always publishing journals (they obviously have nothing better to do and care that much about law) I will ask one how to go about it :) x