Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm actually terrified I will move out and he won't miss me at all, or he will say he just misses me as friends. I am terrified we will never get anywhere. I'm terrified to be involved again, and terrified to be hurt again. I am also terrified if I stay here nothing will happen. Sigh...
I think maybe I am giving him too much attention though. I am giving him space sometimes. And I don't get emotional around him. I was messed up all yesterday and he kept trying to get me to tell him what was wrong but I couldn't say. I'm not sure I knew.
Guys can be really shallow when it comes to emotions. He will continue to  believe he doesn't have any for me. For someone with such a high IQ, this one can be pretty stupid.
For example, he thinks to lose weight he needs diet food. HELLO! It's called portion control!
Men. x.x
I am so glad my little sisters are growing up to be extremely sexist. They don't need men until they are good and ready. Well... Some of my sisters anyways. I have too many.
Weird mood almost right now. I can't quite place it...
Every time I smell spring it is a flashback and I end up going down memory lane with extremely precise details...

Ugh he is trying to get me to eat. I should not have mentioned I was hungry. I think I am just trying to get him to make food for me because I m too lazy to do it myself.

My mom brought by some make up for me. *Love my mom!*
I think she took it out of her own makeup too. In it is a pencil sharpener. My eyeliner was going dull. That eyeliner was my only makeup too. She also put in a hair brush even though she couldn't find mine. Moms are awesome. She really does try...
Isn't mother's day coming up???

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  1. I think US mothers day is quite soon, and yes mums are awesome, Mine is the cutest ever. I adore her ditsyness.

    Lots of Love xx