Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have hiccups because my stomach is so hungry... : )
I can't weigh myself right now because the scale got moved back out of the bathroom, probably I am starting to think because of me. But I must say I feel smaller, even if it is because I changed into another pair of pants yesterday and it was a size 12 instead of my regular size 10. I didn't realize what size it was when I put it on. H is still gone and I don't have my ingredients. It has become extremely exciting when H actually pulls through with something he says he is going to do, like coming home at a certain time, so when he actually does pull through... never mind that never happens.
When his dad got back without him I just asked, "So... Thursday right?"
And then he texted back not to worry, I would get all the stuff I asked for on Wednesday night (tonight). I texted back asking if he would just send it home with his dad on his way back from work and all I got was a solitary no. I honestly would like to know these things, it has nothing to do with wanting H to spend more time around me. I don't bug him to come back, I just ask when, but I still think he interprets it so and believes negatively of me. So frustrating. When I move out and will have my own room, and my own things, and my own BED, I will not care either way. But until then... He's just going to be a dick about it.
So it sounds as if he is planning to come back tonight, although why, I haven't a clue. R has his day off tonight and I don't know why H wouldn't stay to hang out. He probably will. i just hate when he knowingly lies to me like he did last night. He would have KNOWN that he wasn't coming back. K knew, I knew, his dad knew. I hate the lying. If he effing just says, yeah I am staying over for two night, I am not going to simultaneously explode or anything- the ass hole...

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