Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am at H's dad's apartment again. It took less than an hour for my family to drive me nuts.
Dad and K are both asleep. H is still at R's.
R had my phone and was texting my friends pretending to be me and asking them for pictures of their dicks. Sigh... I found out because there was a message accidentally saved in drafts that I didn't type that was from my point of view to F. I called f and found out Y was also a victim, and Y feels awful about it. He says he fails as a friend and other stuff. Sigh again...

I'm doing okay at the moment. A friend of mine who is forever making me feel wonderful chatted with me online and helped me understand a bit. I feel quite a bit better. I don't feel like explaining any details right now but he's sweet and I wish he lived here nearby so I could date him.
He said I am so sweet that I shouldn't be with someone like H who won't appreciate me. :)

My dad is going to get me a bank account so I can sell my drawings online.

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  1. How freakin immature of R!! What a fool! and your friends so right! xx