Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy pets on Facebook. Lol. I love animals and I am OCD and love collecting.
I have been on it for hours just waiting to see what color the new kitten in the basket will be. x.x
That is what it means to have no life.
I have gained a new user. Danii I apologize. I slightly panicked when I saw your name and I won't say why. I got paranoid that you were K and I'm sorry. I have this somewhat but not completely irrational fear that K will make her own account and pretend to be friends with me. Stupid right?
I still haven't gotten around to making the cupcakes. I am eating a fruit cup of pears. 70 calories I believe.
I have developed this awful habit. Every time I sit down i naturally tuck my left leg under me and then it falls asleep. Every single time I have sat down in the last week I have done this. I don't even think about it. It's weird...
H is up...
Oh and Miss Mad, I also am lactose intolerant. I do believe I have a gluten allergy. H has pretty much confirmed it with his ridiculous experiments. I haven't been super stressed lately for some reason. Probably because it is spring. And when I can blog a lot and spend a lot of time online I relax. I need a computer...
I was just panicking and when I panic I start to doubt EVERYTHING.
Love all

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