Monday, May 7, 2012

H tsk tsk tsk...
He's flirting with me x.x
And he probably doesn't realize it.
He always likes to grab me when I'm going to leave the room. He'll grab me around the middle or grab my leg and then ask why I'm not leaving. Then he tickles me which I HATE. I was just trying to escape and he tried to bring me into the other room and I grabbed the doorway and brought us both down and then I tried to bite him which he thought was hilarious. then I used my last defense. I pulled his socks off and threw them. I would be kidnapped really easy... x.x
I'm not sure I like it. There is no way for me to not flirt back then unless I want to sound really pissed and make him upset. Maybe that is what I should do... but I can't handle that kind of stress when I am living with him. Sigh...
He has also started with the... I don't know what to call it.
When we were a couple he used to just grab my ass and honk my boobs all the time. Yes it's awful but when it's gone I feel... like my body is unappreciated. I wouldn't mind a whistle from a construction worker every once in a while you know?
But lately he hasn't exactly started it up again, but he is avoiding my butt less. Like when he tried to roll me over to see my face, I think he purposely grabbed my butt. Before when he did that a few weeks ago he would carefully avoid touching any inappropriate places. Also, earlier he put the little blond dog on my legs and made her paws paw at my behind. Idk if it's just random playing and I am thinking too much into it, but it seems to me to have some underlying meaning that he isn't purposely and blatantly trying to send across. I am probably thinking too much into it.
He does get angry at me less lately. And he seeks out my attention sometimes. It's weird. I'm not sure what to think or do. I think I will just let it go. I haven't been going on nightly crying jags for a while either. I haven't said anything about the breakup or us in any kind of person way. I haven't blamed him for anything. I haven't confronted him for more than why he wouldn't stick up for me against R. But I let it go. I am learning to let go a bit. I am a control freak sometimes, but I am using my control elsewhere ;)
I am still gearing up for when he goes over to R's without me. I will learn to get along without him. I will be fine, and I need to be fine and let him go. Fat chance of letting him go but yeah.

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  1. :) seems like you have made so much progress and I am beaming with happiness for you!

    He likes you, and is missing the fact that he isnt the centre of your attention like before.. Treat em mean - keep em keen. Give them little hints/hope every now and again and they lap it up. LOL

    guys are simple creatures.

    Good Luck xx