Sunday, May 6, 2012

160+ pounds.
I will be counting calories very carefully today.
I was in a panic earlier because R sent me a text saying I was not allowed near him or to come over again. It basically said, you are not welcome here anymore but in more words.
I was very upset about this until H told me R sent him a text too, hours later though, saying that he couldn't come over anymore later and that if he believed me then we could just stay here and be friends. It was meant to be mean.
R is unhappy that they believe me over him, even though he is family. Maybe this is because I am actually telling the truth and they know R tells lies. Also, the story of things I have done are pretty ridiculous and anyone who knows how sweet I am knows I would never do anything hateful to anyone.
Miss Mad you are right about the book thing though. I will be taking them down.

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  1. Score 1 for Venus! Glad they believed you! The truth always prevails (well occasionally it does) And Ooooh your decision with the book, good call.. I want you to be famous :) x