Wednesday, May 9, 2012

154.5 pounds.
I guess the scale was in the bathroom, it was just tucked away behind some clothes and stuff.
Yay! And I am wearing heavy jeans.
I felt like I ate a lot yesterday though...
Early in the morning I had a little bit of two kinds of cereal- gluten free- in the same milk- lactose free- and I had... The rest of my gluten free crackers with mustard. I also had some of the chocolate protein drink, probably about half of that. I had... well gees I can't remember more than that...
Then last night I had two hot dogs in buns and this weird onion thing that K made and let me have one.
It tasted fatty and disgusting and I didn't finish, but it was basically an onion sliced apart a pit and there is butter shoved between the layers and put in the over to melt with some beef flavoring but I didn't taste that part. Then it was taken out and she put cheese- a light colored kind- on it. It wasn't too bad but it could be improved upon a lot. K and her onion obsession...
But I looked it up and onions aren't a huge amount of calories. I also had radishes dipped in mustard. I have created for myself an addiction to dipping things, and an addiction to mustard and it makes any low calorie food bearable to eat. It makes me feel like I am eating something more substantial than vegetables. It seems that because mustard is a condiment you associate with hamburgers and other high in fat, high calorie food, that it would be bad for you, but mustard actually contains no calories.
Oh I just found a dry mark on my hand. I forgot about those... it's exema I think. It's like dry, rough, blistery things where my fingers bend and it hurts. I have had exema since I was a baby, which actually a doctor told me is a sign of gluten intolerance.
I set up testing for this Monday because the office wouldn't stop calling, but now I am thinking I will cancel. it's just going to be extra money my mom will whine about, and I really don't want doctors poking and prodding me. i haven't the slightest idea of what they will even be testing me for or what kind of tests. i have an anxiety surrounding doctors and hospitals, to the point where if I was hit by a car I would rather try and sleep it off and bleed out. I don't know how I ended up there at the beginning of the year.

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  1. Well done for being 154! Now I need to get some guts and weigh myself too! I cant believe I am so sad that I am scared of the scales.. loser central.

    An obsession with onions, thats um interesting.. :| why has she an obsession with onions?


    Good luck.. PS I do the same thing with ketchup! LOL xxx