Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am working on my blog right now. I am bothered by the numbers. I can never associate a number with a post, which is a pain when I need to see what post someone commented on, or when I am trying to see the most popular post of the day.
Also, H just came in, asking if I wanted a piece of chicken if he scraped the breading off (it has gluten in that part) and I turned him down saying, "I'm not hungry". Then he petted my head, messing with my emotions, but I ignored it. Instead of turning into it I kept my eyes on the screen and kept working.
People always think I am creepy when I want my head petted, but I find it very nice. It's basically a pat on the head, crossed with running fingers through my hair. It is like a kiss coming from him. When he pets my head it means he is fond of me. It is hard to hate him after that... But I still need to stay away from him. His temptation is akin to the food one I have.

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