Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am typing this letter by letter on H's ps3. It is a giant pain in the neck.
It's like looking for forever for every letter before pressing on it.
Anyays I got on to discuss the method I just realised I use to recover after a really bad binge, or just a bad run of no weight loss in general. What I usually do, is make myself stay up all night exercising hardcore and burning off as many calories as I can until am worn out. Then I try to occupy myself with anything I can until I have been up for a reasonable amount of time without eating. This usually just as the sun comes up or later, and my belly has started to be hungry and has started to growl. Then when I finally go to sleep, I sleep for a longer period of time without eating.
I woke up and weighed in at 156.5 lbs.
Fluke maybe? I had to check twice just to make sure.
At least half of a lb of that has to be clothes.

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