Wednesday, April 18, 2012

***Hello Everyone :) ***

Hello Everyone :)
This is effed up to say the least. I talked to Y last night I guess, or really a few hours ago, and so we are not going to get that apartment. I made it clear that I could not live around F. I shouldn't have to wake up and go into the kitchen (this is an example of if we were living in the new apartment) and feel disgusted and want to not eat because he's there. Not that I wouldn't mind the motivation but I just can't live that way. His entire... his presence makes me feel disgusting. H agreed right off that he was a creep.
Things were getting better with H... but now I am living with him once again. He is at R's right now, but... I talked to his dad to get here. H says he is ok with it. But this is all going to craps. It was either live on the streets and maybe have a potential future relationship with H, or have a warm bed to sleep on and my chances with H are slim. I will need to be out all day, everyday. He will need his space and I don't think even that is okay...
Idk. I am really kind of brain dead at the moment. Numb, you know?

Miss Mad, of course that comment would have upset you. It upset me too. I don't know what to say. Everyone has some element of truth in what they are saying, it just depends which side you are looking at, and what dimension of reality you live in. I get offended when I get comments that have to do with religion,  or when people tell me I need help. Some people will never understand because they haven't experienced what you or I have, and some things take experience to fully comprehend. I'm not sure what else to say but that there will always be downers, so keep your chin up and let yourself smile.
Love you all! xoxo

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  1. Hey hun.. wow back at Hs.. I hope it goes well, I guess staying out of each others way sounds like a good idea just try to keep busy hun.. it will be hard but I guess we have to look at the bright side of things, even if it takes some thinking about to even locate the bright side!

    Yeh some people just dont get it.. I wish people were more respectful and less thoughtless and critical.

    Oh well some people will just be Anus's.

    Love you! xx