Saturday, April 7, 2012


The title says it all. I ate way too much. It wasn't even the candy bag.
My dad took me driving for the first time. He took me to a church parking lot, and then he prayed before handing over the wheel. I'm not even joking. I would make a joke about it, but I don't really have to.
I drove around the parking lot for a bit, and then I felt like omg this is too scary. I don't want to do this anymore, I give up. But then I realized learning to drive was inevitable and it had to happen sooner or later. might as well be sooner, so I kept going. After a bit, my dad thought I was ready to go out onto the roads so we did. I didn't have any scares really, except he scared me when I turned too fast without coming to a full stop at the stop light. I honestly didn't see it. He yelled, I panicked, and I gave up for the day soon after that. There were no cars even in sight at the moment, so I don't think it was necessary to yell. I make mistakes. I'm human.
Anyways, as a piece offering, after the parking lot and before the road he asked if I wanted an ice cream. Due to my extremely bad relationship with my dad, I had to take it. When I was little I was daddy's little girl. It was always my favorite thing to do to go get ice cream with him. I had to let him.
That thing was huge. the cone was tiny, but they put the ice cream on top twice that height.
I figured, I would just exercise a lot later on and eat nothing else.
The friend who was going to let me move in, he texted saying he found out there could be no cats and dogs.
My two cats do not get along. my mom says if I have to leave her with them both and they still don't get along, she will have to give one away. I could never do that to my kitties.
One I have had all through middle and high school and she has been a great comfort to me all that time. She was pretty much my best friend when I didn't have any. The other, I rescued off the streets. She was abandoned by her owners, who probably gave her some of their drugs for kicks when she was little (well, littler) and it stunted her brain development.
So I got super depressed and ate a ton of my mom's homemade sweet potato fries and a turkey sandwich and then maybe a mini candy bar- the bite size ones. I feel like crap. Even worse, I ignored the part where I'm not supposed to have dairy- ice cream- or gluten- the wheat bread.
My friend already put down the down payment, but he's going to try to get it back (good luck with that). The other guy is still going to move in with us though. They are both going to try and find a pet friendly apartment. I only agreed to this so long as I could have a lock on the door. They won't have to know there will also be a chair under the doorknob and maybe an alarm system... a bell on the door will have to work at first though...
Both of them have jobs and one can't support me on his own.
We will call my friend Y, and his friend, the flasher... F.
We'll see if I remember those...

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