Friday, April 13, 2012


You know what I love most about blogging?
I am anonymous. No one can judge me by the way I look, or the rhythm of my speech, or the sound of my laugh. No one can look at my clothes, or how young I seem, or anything about me and judge me. It all comes down to my words. Something about the words I speak and the thoughts I write makes my readers read what I write. It feels really good.
I have always done best when I have people who love me. As long as I have that I am happy. That is really all it takes. Call me simple but is it really such a small thing to want to be loved?
So I would like to thank Miss Mad for becoming so involved in my blog and letting me become somewhat involved in her life. I love you!
Also, I am forever thanking all of my readers in general. Thank you Anna, LittleMissFairy, and Penny Lane.
Love to you all!

Forgive me if I say thank you or sorry to much it's just in my nature. And I am so grateful you guys put up with me when I blog millions of times a night because I am bored and lonely.

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  1. :) awww, Thank You too!! xxx

    PS. I love you're posting a million times a night - gives me something to read when I wake up :) xx