Friday, April 13, 2012


So I am 156.8 or something.
I am bleaching my hair right now. Yay for blond!
I always feel better when my hair is an outrageously light or bright color. I feel more like myself now.
But maybe that is the noxious fumes of the bleach going to my head...
Oh well.
I am posting this because honestly I don't want R blabbing it to people because he would see it on Facebook. It doesn't seem that big to you maybe, but he would twist it into this outrageous story that only R can make. I really don't hate him and I'm not going to take him out of my friends list on Facebook.
So basically, blogging here because I am bored and can't Facebook.
I just turned that into a verb. >.<

On a different note, I was talking about my mom like she was trapped the other day, but my parents really do love each other and I don't think they would ever choose to separate. Even if it was okay to in terms of religion. I might be projecting my issues onto my mom.

My hair is so dark that I have to leave the bleach in for an hour and I still have another 30 minutes to go. I itch!

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  1. I love blonde hair but I personally think I would look awful if I dyed it...
    Stay strong <3