Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bacon-                550 calories
Tub of Fries-       1200 calories
Fry Sauce-          100 calories
Cheese Slices-    180
Tomato Slices-    15 calories
Chicken-             600 calories
Caramel Apple
            Suckers- 120 calories
Really Bad
              Coffee- 100 (?)
Hot cocoas-        180
Total:                  3045 calories

Gruesome isn't it? These are just my estimates though, and I always judge high just to cover the extra calories anyways. Even then, the extra exercise I will be motivated to do helps out...
I can't get myself to go out for a walk. I'll probably burn too little anyways and then get worn out and go to bed. So I went and did 300 jumping jacks in the bathroom. I can actually feel my upset stomach sloshing around in me and it's very loud... and uncomfortable... and yeah, it's an upset stomach... Oh well.
Back to my jumping jacks...

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