Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm having one of those moments when I just stare at my knees and think, "What...?"
I think I'm in shock...
Not only is Miss Mad commenting about me in her blog, but now LittleMissFairy made an entire post for me, which I still don't believe... I think I'm confused too.
Two people like me?
Damn I must really live under a rock to not know what to do when people love me.   >.<
Still have no clue what to say except... thank you...? O.O
I think I forgot to feed my fish. I better go do that...


  1. Hey I bet theres a whole bunch of people who absolutely like you :) believe it!! xxx

  2. Venus... someone commented on my post here.. I am kind of freaked out by it, is it me or are they having a little dig at me?? Or maybe I am just being paranoid.. :\