Friday, April 13, 2012

I should really consider a different method for naming my posts. I get the numbers mixed up easy so it will say there was a comment on a certain post and I have to figure out which post is that number.

I thought I would comment on something really fast.
I was thinking about this when I clicked on my stats and it told me which browser was being used. I don't know whether many of you are using Internet explorer, or Firefox, or chrome or whatever, but I have to mention privacy with these.
There are many ways to track your history if people are trying to keep track of your blog who aren't supposed to know about it. My own brother is probably reading my blog all the time from where he is without telling me, and I would never know. People like family members or friends might know about and/or read your blog and not confront you about it, and the reason for that would be that they can use it to know what you are thinking and if you are eating enough.
This probably isn't happening in most cases, but I know the last thing any one of us wants is to have our blogs read or discovered by someone we know. It's a complete nightmare, am I right?
One thing you can do to prevent people from finding your blog in the history, is to delete it, but there are many ways to pull up another path to the history. What I do, is I use Google chrome, and then I open up an incognito window. It's under the little wrench on the right hand side of the top of the window. You click on it and then click new incognito window. It's the third option in the list if that helps.
Incognito window will not leave a history to have to delete, but your email if you are signed into it will leave a history so you can find places you have been, but only while signed in.
I use it on this computer anyways, even though I have my own account on my mom's computer with a password that my mom doesn't know. It just makes me feel safer.
I hope I helped someone. :)

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  1. Thanks thats really helpful for when I stay in my bf and take my laptop x