Friday, April 13, 2012

Ok it's washed out.
My head looks like a flame. The first time I bleach it after it is brown it always turns out Orange. The roots are yellowish and towards the ends it's dark orange/brown.
I came prepared this time though.
I have two regular blond dyes to use on it tomorrow and the next day. These will tone it down to a regular blond and take out the reds. I always have to dye it several times to get it to the light light blond I like best. I'm not going anywhere until Monday anyways...

While washing the bleach out I didn't wear gloves. My nails are chewed down to the nerves, some of them open wounds that you can't see very well but they bled. And then I got bleach on them...
Do you know why torture is usually pulling nails off? Because the ends of your fingers have the most sensitive nerves in the entire body.

You know what else is torture?
If H hadn't broken up with me, today would be our 11 month anniversary. He asked me out right after midnight on Friday the Thirteenth in May of last year. Now I am depressed. I'm not completely over him, if over him at all. I mean, I'm not still bawling hiding under the covers in heartbreak, but it isn't pleasant either.

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  1. Hey, it will get easier over time..

    that thing about torture is fascinating - and I totally feel for your nails.. :( *hugs*