Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am still awake and when I don't sleep for too long I get weird.
Everybody ignore me, I'm going crazy!
I get really random and hyper and everything is funny or a cause.
Since I last posted though, all I have eaten was two brownies. I think that would be considered doing good?
I'm not sure when to go to bed though. For some reason I am dreading going to bed. Maybe because I am stressed a bit about tomorrow?
I will be seeing H tomorrow because tomorrow is Friday.
I am scared out of my fucking mind. Seriously.
I am also a little tired...
I thought I was having spelling issues for a bit there, but it turns out the y key is being mean.
Anyways, wish me luck. Wish me my brother's luck. He doesn't use it responsibly.
<3 Venus

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