Thursday, April 5, 2012

I realize that I am posting a lot right now, so I'm sorry if it's hard to keep up with. I find it very helpful with my weight loss goals.
So far today I have had a little soup with some bread, french bread I think. Then I had quite a few tootsie pops but overall my calories aren't awful yet. I just burned 200 calories on the bike.
Or so it says anyways...
I weighed myself about an hour ago and the number is unacceptable to me.
So I am going to try and exercise some more.
I will probably end up eating again, knowing me, so I will need the extra calories burned off.
I'm taking a break for now, but I know I will be back on again in a little while.
I really need a shower too...
So, I don't know anyone else who does this, but I chew my nails. I hate it and I have stopped before, but I really don't think about it. It takes a very conscious effort to not chew them, as in, I literally have to stare at my hands and make them stay in my lap. But as soon as my mind wanders or goes somewhere else, my fingers are right back up to my mouth.
They are so short that the ends of my fingers are in extreme pain when it's cold. I guess the nerves are exposed. When they are short enough and it's warm, they still hurt. Now is one of those times.
I should really stop... but it's another thing in the list of, "easier said than done".

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  1. Aw bless you - my little sister chews her nails too and I do her nails for her so it kind of prevents her somewhat. There are nail varnishes you can get to repel you - I am not sure if they work though.. I am trying this way with my litte sister as I hate her getting acrylics (she has done that) I am trying to make her grow them naturally - it can be done as I grew mine, I guess its one of those bad habits you have to try ween yourself out of - way easier said than done! Good luck with all your goals :)

    PS - I love the fact that you are posting so much - yours' is one of the few blogs I follow religiously so I love reading everything you post xxx