Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm going over to my new guy friend's place.
My dad is telling me that since I left the tv and the exercise bike in the room I didn't do a good enough job to deserve the money they offered me to stay and watch the pets.
He pretty much said I was lazy and a few other things. Maybe I didn't have the strength left. Maybe I forgot.
But he didn't even bother to ask, he just automatically assumed that I was lazy and I hate that. He has a set image of me in his mind and it's never going to change.
My mom heard me crying and called him into the bathroom to talk to him. She sounded upset with him. He came and said, listen, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings but-
It was a backhanded apology. It meant nothing to me.
I am cleaning out all my saved messages from H.
I need to not be reminded of him when I text my other friends. I haven't texted him since Saturday.
He obviously hasn't texted me either.
It's easier when I don't have to think about him. Maybe Thursday I will call and ask if I can come over or something and I will visit for a few hours, nothing too lengthy, and hopefully he will make some kind of realization regarding me.

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