Sunday, April 1, 2012

159.8 lbs yesterday.
158.8 lbs today.
One thing I love about having the house to myself? I don't have to search desperately through all my clothes to find something that fits, is comfortable, and cute. I can walk around nekked while doing my laundry and watching pokemon. Everyone cover their eyes! LOL :)
I told a guy friend about the thing on facebook and he texted that he was coming over. He had to drive all the way out here to make sure I was ok. Then we hung out for a while and he went home just before midnight. Also another friend of mine who actually used to hang out with K and I when I was younger- I might be seeing her tomorrow. She said she'll call me when she gets off work tomorrow morning. Hopefully these plans turn out. My mom called and seeing how upset I was told me a few people I might try calling to see if I could get out of the house. She told me what to say and told me to hang in there. She's being a very good mom right now, which is good because she didn't always treat me right when I was younger.
The house still has problems but I feel that my mom is doing a lot better.
I will being moving in with a guy friend at the end of April and hopefully I will be able to use my financial aid to get the class I want, which should help me get a job.
My mom said as soon as she got back she would help me figure it out.
Also I found out that she called around to see if the doctor who treats my younger sister could help me, because she said he is very good with checking symptoms and being smart, as opposed to just giving me a new med and saying go at it. He only;y treats children though and I aged out at 18. But I am glad my mom took the initiative to help me. A lot of times I am so overwhelmed by my emotions and trapped by my anxieties that I have trouble helping myself out.
Things might get better but you just watch out for my next emotional battle lol. It will happen I guarantee. No one ever said getting out of the pit was easy or that I wouldn't fall back in sometimes.
I should just be glad for the times like right now when things are ok. Maybe not wonderful but ok. It's definitely a step up.
Back to my show now...

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