Thursday, April 26, 2012

I weigh about 157.5 with clothes and after eating so... Idk where that puts me but I guess it isn't too bad. Or I mean- it could be worse.
H's dad is supposed to come home soon. Idk if H will stay another night at R's or what.
I made sure not to eat gluten today. I was reading a library book on food intolerance's and food allergies and took a few tests in it and it seems mine is kind of on the extreme side. Not to jump to conclusions but I could have Celiac disease which is linked to bipolar disorder.
If I stop eating gluten for a a while and my moods start regulating themselves... Either way it is seriously upsetting my stomach and has been for years. It is messing up my digestive system including my intestines. in other words? Gluten is really really really bad for me.
For those of you who don't know, this means I cannot eat anything containing wheat, flour, oats, and a few other things.
So think about it like this- I can't eat cereals, cookies, cupcakes, bread, noodles, bagels, beer, any baked goods, crackers, pasta, pizza or pretzels. That is just my basic list. Combine that with a lactose intolerance's, (dairy) and I can eat jack shit. Nothing. Nada.
I can eat meat and fruits and vegetables and that's about it. And I am thinking of being vegetarian again. I didn't eat meat for an entire year once...
Sigh. I am bound to hit the cupcakes again sometimes... I was so close to wrapping that icky rice stuffs K made me earlier into a tortilla just to make it bearable. I ended up eating as much as I could in between nibbles of sprinkles and then letting the dogs eat some and then scooping the rest into the trash. That is pretty much all I ate today... Some strange rice mixture with tomatoes and beans and onions and a whole lot of seasonings that didn't mix and made the stuff too strong. And sprinkles. I did have a bite of the raisin bran cereal to stop gagging on my pill though...
I have been going on walks lately I'm pretty sure.
I went on a little one earlier. It's pathetic how little I have lost since the beginning of this blog. I keep losing five or so pounds and then eating myself right up the scale. I gotta work on that...

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